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Negative Impact of Social Networking For Teens?

A U.S. study showed that teens who actively use social networks like facebook and watch the TV show "Sufesttif" could cause the teens are actively using marijuana, alcoholics and smokers.

As reported by the Everydayhealth, the survey involved more than 1,000 youth from around the nation aged 12 to 17 and about half of their parents. On a typical day, about 70 percent of teens say they use social networking sites. 

Social network users were five times more likely to use tobacco (10 percent versus 2 percent who rarely use the networking sosoal), three times more likely to use alcohol (26 percent versus 9 percent) and twice as likely to admit using marijuana (13 percent versus 7 percent). 

"These results are very disturbing, no matter how the year goes, aksesn Internet gratsi and suggestive television programs are at risk of substance abuse causes teens to do with height," kara researchers. 

Michael Gilbert, a senior fellow at the University of Southern California Center for the Digital Future says the survey does not prove that watching the Jersey Shore or spend time on Facebook leads to substance abuse. However, it does not mean that what children see on TV or on the Internet does not affect their behavior. 

"About half of teens who regularly use social networking sites say they've seen pictures of kids drunk, passed out or using drugs at the site. Looking at the picture could reinforce the idea that" everyone did it, "Gilbert said.



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