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Alfred Riedl Digesters PSSI to FIFA

Alfred Riedl PSSI finally complained to FIFA after he and PSSI could not find an agreement on the question of settlement of the contract. Upon the complaint, FIFA also ready to act upon them. 

Efforts Riedl complained to FIFA PSSI was confirmed directly by the former Deputy Technical BTN, Faith Arif. According to Iman, Riedl has had discussions with FIFA on the question of his contract with PSSI. PSSI also predicted Faith will receive a letter of complaint Riedl from FIFA in the near future.  

"Alfred had discussions with FIFA and reportedly in the weeks will be sent a letter to the PSSI. It was reported to FIFA about the conditions in Indonesia. The result of that FIFA will probably ask you to PSSI, it is still about basic salary and the dismissal letter, "I'm Faith. 

On the other hand, FIFA also confirmed the lawsuit had been received from Riedl. They said they would immediately follow up such complaints Riedl. Only, until now they were reluctant to issue a further comment about the case with PSSI Riedl. 

"We can confirm that Fifa has received a lawsuit from Alfred Riedl of the Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI). This problem is the process of waiting and investigated. Until now we can not comment more," wrote an official statement of FIFA's media officer. 

PSSI Riedl fired in mid-July on the grounds that no contract was unclear. PSSI assess Riedl not signed a contract with PSSI as an organization, but by individuals. PSSI attitude then changed and then be willing to negotiate to discuss the issue of compensation.

Meeting to discuss the issue of compensation rose PSSI held at the Ritz Carlton, Jakarta, Thursday, July 28, 2011. Because not see the meeting point, the meeting resumed the next day at the Hotel Sheraton Bandara Soekarno-Hatta. But Riedl reluctant to attend the meeting due to be disappointed with the attitude at the first meeting of PSSI. Finally, Riedl compensation issue unresolved until now. 


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